Contributions à Symfony

So far, voici la liste de nos très modestes contribution à Symfony, le framework PHP utilisé chez nous :

tickets :

  • #1776 (fixed) [PATCH] checkbox arrays not checked with fillin enabled
  • #2916 (wontfix) Bug in Spyc : losing data with successive load/dump
  • #3792 (fixed) i18n XLIFF do not handle entities correctly
  • #4306 (wontfix) sfDebugConnection does not handle correctly logging of nested transactions
  • #4620 (fixed) [PATCH] – PHP5NestedSetBuilder generate a require to lib/model/om/Basesometing
  • #5374 (fixed) Changeset [14122] breaks config parsing
  • #5402 (fixed) sf doc refer to the getDispatcher() method but it doesnt exist
  • #5964 (fixed) Notice sur sfTestBrowser
  • #7446 (fixed) sfOutputEscaper::unescape($vars) appelé systématiquement dans _call_component
  • #6639 (fixed) Option passed to a widget schema do not get passed through to an sfWidgetFormChoice’s renderer
  • #8365 (opened) sfFinder not_name does not works if results intersects due to #6589
  • #8384 (opened) sfPropelPluginConfiguration::filterAutoloadConfig should exclude vendor dir just like in the plugin autoload file
  • #8402 (opened) sfPropelBaseTask should add propel include path by using sf_propel_runtime_path
  • #8457 (fixed) sort the parameters in order to compute the cache key the same way when parameters are submited in different order

plugins :

  • omCredentialsMapPlugin : This plugin allows you to check  all the credentials in your project and detect action not or badly securised
  • omCrossAppUrlPlugin : Simple helper to get cross app urls
  • elXHProfPlugin : Integration of XHProf profiler (simple API to profile + web debug toolbar integration)



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